A short course in Entrepreneurship – contents

On the MDes programme I take a short course about Design Entrepreneurship
called DES809 Design Entrepreneurship Awareness.

Schedule of lectures (6 Weeks starting Thursday Jan 30 MQ202)

1. Entrepreneurs in Ireland
Inward Investment
Home grown tech start ups
Entrepreneur hero’s
2. Goldrush stories
How Shares work
Business set up
Risk and reward
Is Design Entrepreneurship different from Entrepreneurship?
3. Intercept the Strategic Vector
Strategies for small companies selling to big companies
4. All about the people
People you employ
People who invest in you
People you meet
Networking and asking questions?
5. Customer lists
The life of a salesman
6. Uncertainty
Which market opportunity?
(Elevator pitches)

Schedule of Assignments

1. Intercept the strategic vector. Essay
2. Customer lists / People lists
3. Elevator pitches