What makes a good major project?

Major Projects on the BSc Computing Multimedia and Design and the BDes Design and Communication will vary in nature and subject. There will be short films, animations, graphic design for print, adverstising campaigns, industrial design projects, web design projects, mobile phone projects, Director presentations for education and a variety of other items.

When all is done in May and the projects are displayed for assessment and for the show the good projects wil stand out because:

In a good projects the talent of the student will shine through

In a good project you will be able to see the energy and commitment that has motivated the student

In a good project the problem that the project addresses will be revealed and it will be easy to understand what the student attempted to resolve in the project.

In a good project it will be easy to understand who the target audience/market are

In a good project it will be easy to understand who the commissioner/customer of the designer might be. (Who would pay for this work to be completed if it were undertaken in the commercial world)
In a good project the creative pivot point of the project will be illustrated/noted/celebrated

At the begining of a good project

the student is clearly interested in taking on the major project challange

the student makes a plan of work to the deadline of may 18

the challange or main problem to be solved is identified and described

the project supports/complements the talent/ability background of the student

the end user/target audience/market is known

the group or company or govt agency who would possibly in the commercial world pay for the projects is identified and documented