DES 809 Wk 1 Sales and Elevator Pitches


Believe in this:

Sales are essential to build a company (sounds obvious?)

Sales as a customer driven culture

Deliver value and success to customers


Do you know what you are talking about? Go over the last written assignment that you wrote about your project. Are there any numbers in it?


Guideline 1.

In general measure everything, quantify everything.

How many of them are there, how long does it take to build one, how much does it cost, how many do they need, how much is it worth, how many people will buy it.


Guideline 2

Don’t state things, ask questions?


Guideline 3

What is the value of your proposition to the customer, understand their point of view.


Making a good Elevator Pitch

  1. ask a question
  2. Quantify the benefits
  3. Talk about the current situation! Highlight the pain! (sell me this pen)
  4. How you can change it.
  5. Ask for another meeting/follow up/can you call them