VIIA –M Assignment

Create a VIIA-M model and analysis presentation for the use of Facebook using two “users”:

1.      Yourself

2.      Another person (in a different age group, eg: a brother/sister or a parent or a grandparent)

Each presentation should feature two major elements

1.      A text narrative describing the user’s experience of using FB. The story should include some characterisation (so we understand something about the user), his/her motivation to use FB, what the main interaction is, how they achieve that interaction (the interface) and how that achievement is visually represented. (between 300 and 2000 words)

2.      A highly visual bullet list of the key VIIA-M points of interest as described in the text narrative.

The essay and visual bullet point list should be presented on A4 paper and mounted on a display board in MQ213.

Note: All Interaction Design presentation material should be well presented (in colour, well laid out, typographically appropriate, with strong images, etc)