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Culmore Regatta arrangements 2015 – NOR

Monday, August 17th, 2015
Friday night the 21st August 2015 =  punt race starting at 7pm
Saturday 22nd August 2015 – 2 x dinghy races starting at 11am followed by 2 x punt races starting at 1pm.
There will be the usual food and raffle.
Later in the evening we have the magnet pre booked for anyone who would like to join us for a good meal and a bit of craic.
See you all there.
Kevin Lynch (Culmore Regatta Committee)
Some nice memory lane photos here:

Moville Regatta 2015

Monday, July 27th, 2015

Sailing on Saturday will be at the Moville Regatta.

Dinghy racing is on Saturday morning; registration 09:30-10:30,  first gun 11:00.

Weather forecast for Saturday:  Dry, light cloud, SW wind 14-18 knots.   Good for sailing!

So get your road trailers ready for the annual scoot to Moville

Race Report and NOTICE OF RACE* – The Mountjoy Challenge

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

A great event. Things looked a bit doubtful in Culmore due to lack of wind and an ebb tide. Boats needed to be towed up past the new bridge, but when we got there the wind came in and we had a great race.

10 boats sailed, including James Campbell from CYC, great to see him in LFYC again. (LFYC wish him well on his new venture in Glasgow University). Great to see all boats , many thanks to all who sailed.

The race was started by a Musket gunner in full period dress for the Siege times. The start line was in Rosses bay at a point near the first navigation mark after the new bridge. Anton H got a good lead but could not quete hold on and Ken and Davy Louden passed him in the last couple of boat lengths. Davy was quick with the knife and efficiently broke the boom. Congratulations to Ken and Davy, at least that’s Derry saved for another year!

Many thanks to all the rescue boat drivers (Liam H, Peter F, George D) who offered everyone a tow up and then back down again.

Many thanks to Danny G for making all necessary arrangements on the water and to Joan D and John O’K for keeping everything moving well on shore.

And of course many thanks to the Apprentice Boys of Derry for hosting the event.


Ken: “Get yer knife ready”, Davy: ” Aye”

Musket Man

Musket Man

Anton H, Governor Brownlee, Ken and Davy L

Anton H, Governor Brownlee, Ken and Davy L


Notice of Race:

The Mountjoy Challenge – Breaking of the boom race


In 1690 the Siege was of Derry was lifted when Captain Browning and longboats from his ship the Mountjoy broke the boom and saved the City from certain starvation.

On the 6th of August the Apprentice Boys of Derry and LFYC are hosting a sailing race to break the boom again. A boom will be laid near the pontoon in the City Centre. Dinghys (all classes**) will race to break the boom.

This is an open invitation event. As this is a special race, a unique event no handicap will be considered, it is a simple race where the first boat to break the boom wins.

Boats should observe normal racing rules and Lough Foyle navigation Marks. (Skippers should arm themselves or their crew with suitable boom breaking equipment)

This is the third time the boom has been broken, first time being in 1690 the second in 2013. As per the 2013 edition Williamite, Jacobite and mixed boats are welcome!

Boats should gather in Rosses Bay (near the Foyle Bridge at 6.15pm for a race start at 6.30pm). To get to Rosses Bay in good time boats should set sail from Culmore no later than 5.30

The boom will be laid from the corner of the new pontoons in the city centre to a mark in the channel. After the race competitors are invited to tie up on the pontoon and come ashore for prize giving and light refreshments. We will sail back to Culmore at approx. 8.30 – 9.00pm

*NOR by Authority of the Commodore and Committee of LFYC

(**All classes, for example: Laser, Phantom, GP14, Mirror, Solo, RS400, 49er, RS700, Hobie Cat, Wanderer, Lough Foyle Punts)


Billy, the Musket man who started the race in 2013

LFYC skippers handicap 2015

Saturday, March 14th, 2015
LFYC skippers handicap machine 2015      
GP14   Ken L 1127
GP14   Peter Fallon 1127
GP14   Danny G 1127
GP14   Bill J 1127
GP14   James H Jnr 1127
GP14   John McG 1127
GP14   Gareth G 1127
GP14   Alan T 1127
GP14   Joe Kelly Snr 1127
GP14   James L 1140
GP14   James J 1185
GP14   Kevin L 1185
GP14   Anton H 1185
GP14   David T 1190
ICON   Dermot M 1127
Phantom   Dermot M 1100
Phantom   Alan T 1127
Phantom   Anton H 1150
Phantom   Conor G 1150
Phantom   Cecil T 1150
Laser Full Rig   Conor G 1140
Laser Full Rig   Gareth G 1140
Laser Full Rig   Anton H 1180
Laser Full Rig   James H Snr 1180
Laser Full Rig   George G 1195
Laser Full Rig   J Coyle 1195
Laser Full Rig   Kevin T 1195
Laser Full Rig   Richard G 1232
Laser Full Rig   Ronan Magee 1232
Laser Full Rig   James J 1232
Scorpion   Ken D 1160
Scorpion   George D 1160
Scorpion   Ciaran H 1160
Solo   George G Solo 1300

Hot toddy events over the last 5 years – web archive

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

a lot of sailing and a lot of whiskey- perfect

Hot toddy 2010

Hot toddy 2011

Hot toddy 2012

Hot toddy 2013

Hot toddy 2014

Culmore Regatta 2014 – NOR

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014


The Culmore Regatta Committee is pleased to announce that the annual Culmore Regatta 2014 is on the weekend of 21/22/23 August. The running schedule is as follows:

Thursday 21st August    19:00  Junior Helm   2 short races   (Helm must be under 18yrs; crew can be any age)
Friday     22nd August    19:00  Foyle Punts  race
Saturday 23rd August    13:00  Foyle Punts  2 races
15:00  Dinghies       2 races

All competitors compete at own risk and organisers will not be held responsible for loss or damage to property.
We hope to see a good turnout of sailors on the water and spectators on shore!
Great sailing and great prizes, marquee, hospitality, crack, usual chat and lies on the shore, etc.

Culmore Regatta 2013: How did teh Doherty's manage to sail through this and not go over

Culmore Regatta 2013: How did the Doherty’s manage to sail through this and not go over

Training and learning sessions start again

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

Many thanks to Bill J who once again has started the ‘have a go’ training sessions.

Many thanks also to Liam H for supporting this as Coxwain.

More details are available here. Please advise all your friends that the session are on and new all are welcome.


Archive material

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

There is now a considerable results archive built up over 4 years. The archive is accessible by going to the years sailing schedule (from 2010 to present) here:  The back years can be found at the top of the page!

So for example if we choose the Second Race of Series B we can see that in:

2014 this result applied

2013 details here

2012 looked a bit cold and too damn windy (I think I remember coming down to Culmore that day and being frightened to get out of the car)

2011 was also freezing and poor light??? (I can’t remember that although it sounds perfectly plausible)

2010 was good but challenging (I can’t remember that day either but it seems there was plenty of swimming)




Sailing in Moville 07/06/14

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

There will be a special Dinghy race in Moville on Sat 07/06/14.

A number of boats from Coleraine are expected to add to the mix as well as a number of new GP14’s from Moville. LFYC plan on incorporate our normal club sailing with the event in Moville that day. Sailing in Moville is always good crack and we hope to get as many LFYC boats in Moville as possible.

BTW, I note MBC has a nice new webpage including a history of Lough Foyle Punt Sail numbers and a copy of the Punt Design Regulations



AGM 2014 – change of Date

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Notice of AGM 2014 change of Date

The LFYC AGM 2014 and the regular monthly meeting scheduled for Monday March 3rd have been postponed.

They will now be held on Thursday March 6th at 20:30 in The Foyle Hospice Education Centre.

Colum Farrelly