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Results Junior helm B 01/08/12

Monday, August 13th, 2012

A very windy night with the Gallaghers and the Huttons spotted taking shelter behind the sturdy 1608 O Doherty Castle Walls.

Eventually they decided to sail.

Two races were held.

The second race was close with the Gallaghers narrowly avoiding a swim at the Jibe mark:

Junior Helm B race 1 race 2
01/08/12 01/08/12
Gareth G/Daniel G 1 1
Jack H/Anton H 2 2

Results 31/07/12 Series G Race 4

Monday, August 13th, 2012
Series G race 4
Dermot M/Cecil T 1 3046
George G 2 3541
Keith L/Dessie H 3 3550
Ken D/Ciaran H 4 3594
Bill J/James J 5 3657
Conor G 6 3723
Danny G/Gareth G DNF
Anton H DNF

Light wind action tonight with master class from Dermot m and Cecil T with excellent light air sailing skills from George G also on display.