Results Dinghy Regatta Sat 09/06/12

Dinghy Regatta race 1 race 2
09/06/12 09/06/12
Keith L/Dessie H 1 1
Ken L/David L 2 2
Anton H/Jack H 3 3
Dermot M DNF DNF

Sailing to standard PY regulations today (no LFYC handicap). A very windy day. Overcast. Westerly wind. Ebb tide (very strong in the second race).
Start at the perch up to Harts, Powerstation, Conniborrow, Fahan. Spectacular sailing. In the first race Dermot M rudder fell off forcing retirement. Anton H and Jack H sailing well in difficult conditions. Anton H and Jack H went over twice but made good recoveries in both incidents. Finishing the race was difficult because of the very strong tide even with the strong winds.
A great day out.
The Punt race in Moville was cancelled later in the day as winds continued to build.

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