Resulst 14/08/12. Monsoon hits Culmore

Series G race 6
Bill J/James J 1 3921
Dermot M/Cecil T 2 3951
Ken L/David L 3 3984
Anton H 4 4074
Ciaran H/Stuart D 5 4143
Peter F/James H 6 4145
Alan T DNF
George G DNS

Start at at mark near the end of the slipway, beat to black brea, reach to conniborrow, run back to the mark, twice round. Very strange weather. Started the race in a light f2. Lap one passed without much to comment on. As the boats neared the windward mark an indian monsoon appeared and the winds droped to nothing then shifted 200 degrees and blew for about 2/3 minutes at f4/5. Then the rain stopped the wind shifted about a bit more then stopped and sun came out and we all drifted home in less than a f1.
Thanks to George D for OD and Peter F Snr for rescue boat duties.

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