The Peace Bridge Race

Peace Bridge Race
1 Keith L/Alan T GP14
2 Ken L/David L GP14
3 Peter F/James H GP14
Gareth G/Richard G GP14
Kevin L/Joy W GP14
Liam D/guest RS400
Brian H/guest RS400
Bill J/James J GP14
Ken D/Beth H Scorpion
Jack H/Jonathan H GP14
Colm F/Eve Laser II
Lisa G Laser radial
Brent A Laser


The John Hume and University of Ulster Trophy (Photo by Sean McCafferty)

The 2nd Annual Peace Bridge Race for the John Hume and University of Ulster Trophy was held on Sat 29th/June 2013. It was kindly supported by the Culture Company as part of the City of Culture celebrations. For the second year skipper Keith Louden won the race in his GP14, this time with crew Alan Thompson. Special thanks to Peter F Jnr and Snr for organizing the event.

There are more great pictures by Sean McCafferty available here:


Passing the City Centre navigation Light on the way home. (Photo by Sean McCafferty)

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