The Mountjoy Race


Race Report HERE


In 1690 the Siege was of Derry was lifted when Captain Browning and longboats from his ship the Mountjoy broke the boom and saved the City from certain starvation.

On the 1st of August LFYC are creating a sailing race to break the boom again. A boom will be laid near the pontoon in the City Centre. Traditional Lough Foyle Punts will race to break the boom. (Skippers should arm themselves with suitable equipment)
The concept for this event has been developed by  LFYC in co-operation with  Apprentice Boys of Derry with the idea of staging a race

Lough Foyle Punts (similar to the longboats that actually broke the original boom, the Mountjoy is often mistakenly given the credit) will race to break the boom and then land on the pontoon to be met by a delegation from the Apprentice Boys.

The race will begin from the Foyle Bridge at about 6.30pm and will head up the Foyle to where the first boat to the Council Marina will break a boom to win the first ever Mountjoy Challenge Race.

For more information contact:
David Hoey 077 8590 6966 Maiden City Festival
or Commodore Anthony Hutton 078 1378 0316 Lough Foyle Yacht Club




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