Results 18/07/15

Series F Race 1   Race 2   Race 3
Anton H 1 1416 1 1392 1
Alan T/Owen McC 2 1421 4 1455 DNS
Ken L/Davy L 3 1429 2 1420 2
Bill J/James J DSQ   3 1421 DNS

Sailing was scheduled for 11 in Moville today but it was cancelled due to high winds. Sailing in Culmore at 10.00am also looked doubtful but the hardy folk in LFYC decided actually it was a nice day for a sail and  ventured out.
A course was set in Culmore bay starting at the slipway up to Harts, run down to to a mark in the bay, reach over to the powerstation back through the line twice around. Very windy. F5-7. Bill J unfortunately went around a mark the wrong way in race 1. Anton H was going well in the Laser sailing with everything on and block to block on the beat. The reaches across the bay were very fast and intense. Nobody went swimming and a good day of sailing was had by all.

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