Results 25/07/15

Series F Race 4   Race 5  
Ken L/Davy L 1 2484 1 2554
Bill J/James J 3 3086 2 2606
Anton H/Barry McN 2 2857 3 2962
George G DNF   DNS  
Colum F/Eve McC DNS   DNS  

Racing today in very variable winds ranging from F0 to F4. Sunshine at all times! Course from a start at the slipway over to the corner mark in Culmore Bay up to Harts run down to the Powerstation back through the line.

Great to see Colum and Eve out today, welcome back guys, we hope to see you for the Boom Race. Great to see George G out again also.

Anton H and Barry McN were going well in the red GP in race one but slowed way down for race two to say nothing of the sudden increase in performance from the J’s boat. Ken and Davy L were none to troubled by anyone spending the whole day out front.

A tug buzzed Anton H and Barry McN at the end of race two.

Thanks to Alan T for OD and Rescue.

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