Foyle Festival Cup

Foyle Festival Cup      
05/09/15 Race 1   Race 2
Bill J/James J 1 1529
Gareth G/Richard G 2 1559  
Ken L/Davy L 3 1604  
Anton H/Barry McN 4 1678  
G Gilmore 5 1776  
Kevin T 6 1682  
David T/ Joy 7 2118  
Ciaran (Pico) DNF    

Fine day for sailing. Course down the river to Faughan over to Conniborrow back to the power station.  The timings were self recorded and then a note was put together (several authors) after the race. I could make out the results for race 1, but the results for race two were illegible and disorderly. I therefore deem Race Two “Null and Void”.

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