Results 26/09/15

Series H Race 5   Race 6  
12 Sept 15        
Ken L/Davy L 1 1620 1 1677
Anton H (Laser) 2 1645 2 1681
George G (Solo) 3 1719 5 1821
David T/Joy W 4 1746 3 1765
Bill J/James J 5 1758 4 1801
Ciaran M 6 2054 6 1838
Harry McI DNF   DNF  
Liam D DNF   DNF  

Good breeze today, racing in Culmore bay. Great to see Liam D and Ciaran M and Harry McI all out. Especially great to see Ciaran M racing. He has been awarded an LFYC handicap in the Laser of 1232. George G was going very well today in the Solo. That boat beats very well in a decent breeze. No change at the top of the fleet, congratulations to Ken and Davy! Anton H going well also in the Laser staying nicely in contact with the leaders. Ken and Davy somehow managed to squeeze the GP inside Anton H at the mark at the power station. Shoulda jammed the door earlier!

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