Racing: Peace Bridge Race 07/05/16

Peace Bridge Race    
Gareth G/Richard G 1 2h:07m:23s
Ken L/Davy L 2 2h:08m:46s
Bill J/Crew 3 2h:09m:43s
Anton H/Ciaran M
4 2h:49m:20s
Kevin T (Laser)   rtd
Harry McI   rtd

The annual race to the Peace Bridge took place today. Brothers Gareth and Richard G managed to win it with a just less than a minute to spare from last years winners Ken and Davy L. Congratulations to the G bros in what is always a very challenging race.

Kevin T would have completed except the Mast on his laser broke just near Gillilands slipway causing his retirement. Yes, it got pretty windy on the way home!

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3rd Peace Bridge Race 2014 (Ken L and Davy L)

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