Racing Series F 20/08/16

Series F Race 5   Race 6  
20/08/2016   corrected   corrected
Ken L/Ryan L 1 2930 2 2022
Anton H (Laser) 3 3019 1 1933
Bill J/Owen McC 2 3011 3 2065
Kevin T (Laser) 4 3219 4 2224
Liam D (Laser) 5 3624 DNF  

Welcome to the McLaughlin lads who were sailing in a club Pico today. I get a sense of future racers there. Liam D was awarded an LFYC handicap of 1230.

Race one from the Perch to Culmore Bay mark, Harts, Power station, Fahan X 2. Taking 55 minutes in F3 winds from the west.

Race two was shorter: Perch, Culmore Bay mark, Harts, Power Station X 2. Taking 37 minutes. Flooding tide. The two GPs were ahead but spent time messing each other up allowing Anton H to catch up on them and win it on handicap.

Getting Ready to sail: Thanks to Kieran Doran for the picture

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