Racing Series H 24/09/16

Series H Race 3   Race 4  
24/09/2016   corrected   corrected
Ken L/James P H 1 2290 1 2273
Anton H/Jack H 2 2347 2 2324
George G (Solo) 3 2630 4 2565
Ciaran M/Eva M 4 2681 3 2522
Nigel McBride DNF   DNF  

A great day for sailing with good breezes. We went down to Fahan and Conniborrow. The tight reach across the bay was not really viable for the spinnakers. Anton H and Jack H are certainly beginning to get the hang of the new Gp14 although they should go around the marks not through them. Ciaran and Eva are going very well in their GP and pounced forward when the two front boats were struggling on the spinnaker reach. Not shy!

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