Racing 01/04/17

Series A Race 1   Race 2  
SAT 01/APR/2017   corrected   corrected
Alan T/Owen McC 1 1842 1 1626
Bill J/Nigel McB 3 2138 3 1757
George G (Solo) 2 1998 5 1838
Anton H/Mike M 4 2192 4 1812
Ciaran M/Eva M DNC   2 1723
Dermot D DNC   6 2510

Racing started this season on a nice day. Light but consistent winds (F2-3).
Racing in Culmore Bay. Welcome to Mike M sailing with Anton H. Sailing for Mike and Anto today included a capsize drill. Chilly business this time of year. Ciaran and Eva are sailing well in their GP. Great to see Dermot Downey out in his new Laser. George G started the season with a nice 2nd place. Too easy for Alan and Owen – they must be caught!

Many thanks to Liam H on the rescue boat and to Peter F as OD. Thanks to K Doran for the photo.

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