Peace Bridge Race – 20/05/17

Peace Bridge Race    
20-May-17   corrected
Ken L/Davy L 1 5485
Alan T/Owen McC 2 5620
Anton H/Mike M 3 6209
Richard F/his dad 4 6258
Kevin T 5 6507
Kevin L/Nigel McB 6 6712

Congratulations to Ken and Davy L who retain the Peace Bridge Trophy
A great race up and down. In the 5 minute pre race sequence there was no wind then more or less as the gun went the wind came and fairly strong at F5 and gusting. Welcome to Richard F and his dad who were sailing a Laser 2. (They have been awarded an LFYC PY of 1133 (the same as a GP)).

Kevin L and Nigel were sailing very well upwind as they went through the required 100 or so tacks through the narrows.

As Kevin L and Nigel came around the Peace bridge mark a big gust came and blew them, Richard F and Dad and Kevin T over. All recovered w4ell and sailed on. This incident gave Anton H and Mike M a chance to pull back a few places which they held onto on the run home.

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