Results 14 June 17

Series C Race 7   Race 8  
Wed 14/june/17   time   time
Ken L/Davy L 1 59.1 2 41.2
Gareth G/Richard G 2 59.51 1 40.48
Richard F/sister 3 63.47 4 42.14
Anton H/ Joy W 4 64.3 3 41.49

A windy evening. F4. Course set at end of pier to Power station. Anton H should start in the right direction! (Did so in R2) Long fetch down to Fahan dodging the tide. Then reach to Fahan, jibe, reach to Conniborrow and beat back up to Power station then reach over to the finish line.

Richard F and Sister sailing well with the huge spinnaker on the Laser 2. Certainly a handful on an evening like tonight!

Anton H and Joy W sailing well in R2.


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