Culmore Regatta 2017

All the usual preparations were made, marquee set up, new ladies changing room installed, sandwiches made, teas, coffees, soups, cakes. The Lough Foyle Punts were gathered in the boat yard….but alas it was blowing a gale and the Punts could not sail. We all held on through the morning to see if the Dinghys would sail. At 3.00pm the OD said OK to launch. Just three GP14 class boats ventured out in very strong winds.

Here are the results and times:

Culmore Regatta    
Culmore Regatta Cup   Times
Bill J/Owen McC 1 46.27
James H/James L 2 47.36
Anton H/Jack H 3 48.14
Magnet Cup    
James H/James L 1 37.36
Bill J/Owen McC 2 37.37
Anton H/Jack H 3 38.31

Times were very close. Race two was decided by just a second with less than a minute between first and third. Many thanks to the sponsors and the event organisers and to all those who came down to the point to support the event.

Earlier that day there was a boat naming ceremony as Ken D launched his new Punt

Why do people make such a fuss about launching a boat? It is because of the analogy. A boat carries you across the water – through life to your destination – heaven. A boat is crewed by family – it has value – like land, except it is not stable and travels through waves and wind the most ephemeral and powerful of things. People christen boats with Champagne and babies with water but the symbol is the same – to mark a new life and the voyages within. Yes, I am certain it is the analogy that causes people to make a fuss and that fuss making is somewhat glorious.

And so it was with the launch of Ken D’s new boat; a Lough Foyle Punt that he made himself. Here he is pictured with his crew Stuart D and Ciaran H and his wife Joan. It is a family and community occasion most certainly worth marking. So, simply to say fair winds to Wild Wing III.



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