Racing 26/08/17

Series F Race 3 Race 4
Sat 26/Aug/2017 corrected corrected
Ken L/Davy L 1 2095 1 1848
Anton H (Laser) 2 2096 3 1981
Bill J/Joe McC 3 2116 2 1882
Ciaran M/Eva M 4 2168 5 2012
George G (Laser) 5 2175 4 2003
Kevin T 6 2214 6 2164
Nigel McB (Laser) 7 2768 7 2366

A beautiful sunny morning.

Race 1, Start at the slipway, Gilmores, harts, around the mark at the slipway. A big ship was coming into port and being turned by two tugs so we raced in culmore bay without going into the channel. He gave us a big warning hoot anyway. Two laps
Race 2, Start at slipway, harts, Faughan. Just one lap. On the way back up to the finish line we encountered a huge amount of debris from the flood. You had to navigate through the gaps, not easy, everyone got tangled and had to stop to clear centre boards and rudders. The race must go on!

Eva M officially gave the new ladies changing room its first use. She said it was very nice. Many thanks to the Port and Docks.

Thanks also to Liam on the rescue boat and to big Pete as OD.

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