Racing Sat 02/09/17 Series H

Series H (moved)
Sat 02/09/17  R1 corrected  R2 corrected
Bill J/Mary J 2 1962 1 1946
Ken L/Davy L 1 1959 2 1977
Ciaran M/Eva M 3 2116 3 2019
Kevin T 4 2170 4 2164

A temporary OD was working today (who shall rename nameless) and it didn’t go well. He or she gave two courses out, one course to one boat and a different course to the other boats.
To offer redress two actions were taken (a matter of the least unjust remedy).
1. The boat that took the shorter course was given a time penalty of 30 seconds in race 1 and 60 seconds in race two (relative to the perceived advantage gained).
2. The Foyle Cup which was today and in which silver ware was to be decided has been moved to Sat 23/09/17, as it seems a bit unfortunate to decide silver on a day such as today. Todays race will count as Race 1 and 2 in Series H.

We will welcome Big Pete back to duty as OD with renewed enthusiasm next week. 🙂

Other than that matter above it was a great day out sailing. Windy enough, maybe F5. Massive shifts. All boats declined to fly spinnakers. Course from the slipway to Power Station, up to Harts (through the line?) down to Faughan. It was very reaching course (with no dead run). Kevin T had a very sporty time, in the reaching friendly Laser, seen flying by the point at high speed only to capsize in an overtaking maneuver. Ciaran and Eva M handled the bigger winds with case – nice sailing guys.

Many thanks to James H and Kevin L who did rescue today.

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