Racing wed 06/09/17

Wed 06/09/2017 corrected corrected
Series G Race 6 Race 7
James Peter H Jnr (Phantom) R1 (Laser) R2 3 3150 1 1724
Anton H (Laser) R1 (Phantom) R2 1 3062 4 1895
Ken L/Davy L 2 3145 3 1821
Bill J/Joe McC 4 3181 2 1811
Kevin T 5 3308 5 1910

The course tonight was just two marks, Harts and Faughan. A reasonable breeze F3. Anton H and James P H swapped boats after the second race. Anton H found it hard going in the Phantom after a gap of several years.

That race marks the end of summer sailing on wed evenings. Just Saturdays from here on in.

BTW: This year for the first time ever(?) in LFYC we will have a Laser frostbite series in November. It consists of 4 race days. Everyone welcome (open to all). We are planning to have three short course races each day, starting at 10am each sat.  If you have a Laser sitting in your garage and fancy a bit of winter sailing, now is the time to shake off the dust and check the rigging.

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