Series A: Racing results and reports

Schedule 2018   Series A, Results Table
24-Mar 31-Mar 07-Apr 14-Apr 21-Apr 28-Apr
Entries R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 Total
Ken L/Davy L 4d 1 1 1  2d 2  1  2  1  1 1  1 12
Bill J/Joe McC 3 3  2 3  4 5d  5d  4  2 3  4  4 32
 James P H/Alan T 1 4 4 2  1 1 5  4  7d  6d 4 4 30
Anton H/Owen McC 2 2  5  5  6d  7d  2  1  3  2  2  2 26
Kevin T 5 5  6d 6d  3 3  5  4  4  4 4 4 41
Gareth G/Richard G  8d 8d 3  4  6  7 5  4  7  6 4 4 50
James H (Snr)  6 6  9d 9d  6  7  5  4  7  6 4 4 55
Joy W (Laser)  8d  8d 7 8  6  7 5  4  7  6 4 4 66
 George G (Solo)  8  8  9d 9d  6  4  4 DNF 4  6  6 4 4 58

Race day 28/04/18 and FINAL RESULTS
Races 11+12 racing in Culmore bay on a fluky day with two 180 degree wind shifts. Beat up to Harts, get becalmed and then beat back to the power station in R1. In race two a reaching start and run up to Harts then a gust and run back to the power station.

Todays racing also concludes SERIES A. Two discard races have been allowed (marked d).

First place: Ken and Davy L

Second place: Anton H/Owen McC

Third place: James P H/Alan T

Race day 21/04/18
Races 9+10 A bright windy day – perfect for sailing. A request from the Harbour Master was received not to sail until a large boat passed into the port. The OD observed this request and racing was duly delayed by about 30 minutes. Racing from the start line between flags and Leonard’s mark. Up to the Power station, run to Faughan, reach to Conniburrow beat back to the power station. Windy and gusty with an exciting reach from Faughan to Conniburrow. Bill J and Joe McC took the lead in race one but Ken and Davy passed them on the reach – which was too tight for a spinnaker. Anton H took the Jibe mark too close and hit the mark with the main sheet and had to do a 360. In race 2 Anton H, racing in the club laser was buzzing the stern on Bill J and Joe McC on the reach. Bill and Joe pulled away again on the beat but Anton H took second on LFYC handicap. Kevin T got blown over  on the beat but managed a a dry capsize  – nice trick and recovered without much loss.

Race day 14/04/18
Races 7+8
A bright breezy day blowing Easterly F5 and gusty. A big wind shadow behind the power station causing all sorts of swirling conditions. Racing from the Perch to a mark by the old docks, reach down to Fahan then tight reach (no spinnaker) to Conniborrow. It was touch and go decision to fly the spinnaker at all. Great racing very tight between Anton H and Owen McC and Ken and Peter L in both races. Great to see George G out in his Solo.

NB: Back by popular demand: Two discard races will be allowed in the final result calculation.

Race day 07/04/18
Races 5+6
I didn’t see this race myself but note long race times in race 1 (winners at 78.50) and short race times in race 2 (winners at 28.01). I suspect light winds and a shorter race course set for race 2. Great to see George G on the score sheet. James H and Alan T sailing very well with two wins and moving up the series table.

Race day 31/03/18
Races 3+4
Racing at low tide from the perch to Faughan, tight reach over to a mark near Conniborrow back up to a mark near the Perch X2. Light winds N F2/3. Bright but a bit cold. Running aground was a high risk. Very strong flood tide in the second race. Making the correct navigation decisions was at a premium.

Ken and Davy L were on top form making it all look too easy. Great to see Joy W out in the club Laser.

Note: The results above reflect the LFYC handicap. Total number of participants in the race +2pts for a DNS. Total number of participants +1pt for a DNF. No discards will be applied.

Races 1+2
The first race of the season. Good luck to James P H who launched his new GP14 today. Great to be back sailing after a long summer and a beautiful day to start the season. Sunshine and a good breeze (F3-4). Sailing in Culmore Bay. Starting at the slipway, up to Harts, run down to Gilmores, reach over to the Power station through the line X 2 for the first race, X3 for the second. Good racing, lots of place changes. Great to see James H Snr out on the Phantom.

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