Series A 2019

  16/03/19           Points Discard    
Series A R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12        
Aidan O D 1 1                     2   2  
James P H/Alan T 3 2                     5   5  
Anton H 2 3                     5   5  
Ken L/Davy L 4 4                     8   8

Sat 16/03/18 The first race of the season

A cold and blustery day. Four boats braved it. Racing in Culmore bay. Aidan O D and Anton H sailing in Lasers, James P/Alan T and Ken L/Davy L sailing in GP14s. Everybody feeling a bit rusty. First capsize of the season award goes to Aidan O D. He recovered well and then got a great run and passed out everyone who were busy making life difficult for each other. Anton H lucky to stay in the boat after a double jibe mistake at the leeward mark.

Second race started into a squall. James and Alan got line honours who are sailing very well, closely followed by Aidan O D. All boats finished very close to each other in both races.

James P/Alan T tried out a new fixed blade rudder and Anton H tried out a new sail. LFYC handicap was rolled over from last year with GP14s sailing on PY of 1133 and Anton H and Aidan O D lasers sailing at 1180.

Many thanks to Big Pete as OD and Liam H as rescue skipper.

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