Series H

              Hot Toddy
  21/09/19 05/10/19 12/10/19 26/11/19 Hot toddy Points
Series H R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8  
Bill J/Joe McC     4 2 2 5 1   14
Anton H/Joy W     1 1 3 4 6   15
Ken L/Davy L     3 4 1 3 6   17
Aidan O D     6 6 4 1 2   19
George G     6 6 6 2 5 rtd 25
Ciaran M/Ben M     2 4 7 6 6   25
Kevin T     6 6 5 6 3   26

Races 8 26/10/19 Hot Toddy

And once again the end of season is marked with the Hot Toddy race. Many thanks to George D with the whiskeys and to Fiona and Tracey who catered so kindly for everyone. It was a windy day that gradually blew up to non sailable. George G called it as it was blowing up and wisely headed in when he was passing near the clubhouse. Due to the conditions just one race was sailed. Once all in safe everyone hit the whiskeys. Congratulations to Bill J/James J and Joe McC who win series H overall. Looking forward to next year already, in the meantime frostbite season awaits…

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Races 5+6 12/10/19

Aidan O D sailing brilliantly in his Laser. Anton H and Joy W and Ken and Davy L in a close battle in race 2. George G sailing very well in his Solo in race 2.

Races 3+4 05/10/19

We went out in nearly no wind, then it picked up and blew oul boots. Anton h in the Laser, Bill j in a Laser also. Ken and Davy sat our race 2 as did Ciaran and Ben M. Anton H had a close escape and was very lucky not to go for a swim just before the finish line in Race 1. A similar gust took Ken and Davy for a swim just after Race 1. Race 1 was shortened to allow a tanker come out of port.

Races 1+2 21/09/19

No record of race

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