Sailing resumes – SERIES A

Sat 15/05/21

Welcome back to Ken L and Davy L, great to see them back out again after lockdown. Straight outta lockdown they won the first race. Nice going! Great to see Barry McN out sailing in the club laser. He is doing very well especially considering that the boat leaks and is gradually sinking – and its not even that gradual! Series A concludes today with James P H and Alan T taking a second series win!


Racing today at 5.30pm. Course Perch, Harts, Faughan, Conniborrow, Leonards X2. At least that was the course but n fact both races were cut short. In race one Bill J/Joe McC broke the rudder extension just as they were crossing the start line and retired. That left just two boats and the race was cut short to facilitate a quick restart. Bill J/Joe McC got fixed up and relaunched and Kevin T also launched. Light winds but steady enough. All was going well till the Faughan mark. Winds dropped then changed direction then changed back before doing a 180, leading to a total bafflement for all boats. Two boats retired. The race was shortened. Winds then picked up nicely. All in a days fun!


Even on Labour day the work in the port goes on. A large ship coming into port delayed sailing from the original 10.00am start to 12.00. This meant that the tide was ebbing. The wind was light so we managed just one race. Good to see Yann out sailing in his 420. Bright but cold, sailing in Culmore bay.


And so the sailing 2021 season gets started (a little later than originally planned as Coronavirus gradually gets beaten back, worth the wait!)

Thanks to James P H for putting together a pretty packed schedule for 2021. Day 1 of the season got of to a great start in nice sunshine and a good breeze. Good luck to James H Snr in his new Laser, launched today. Welcome back to Barry McN sailing in the club Laser.

James P H and Alan T were uncatchable today with two good wins.

Special thanks to Big Peter F and Liam H who once again put on the gear to provide OD duties and Safety Boat cover. You could see that Big Pete loves it as he explained the course for the fifteenth time. Great to be back folks!

  24/04/21 01/05/21 08/05/21 15/05/21   Points
Series A R1 R2 R3   R4 R5          
James P H/Alan T 1 1 1   5 6 2 1     17
Anton H/Joy W 8 6 3   2 1 4 3     27
Ken L/Davy L 7   6 6 6 5 1 2     33
Aidan O D 2 4 2   5 6 7 7     33
Bill J/James J 4 2 4   4 5 7 7     33
Kevin T 3 5 7   5 2 7 7     36
George G 7 7 5   1 5 6 6     37
Barry McN 6 8 7   5 6 3 4     39
James H Snr 5 3 7   5 6 7 7     40

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