Race results Series B 17/05/11

Series B race 5 race 6
17/05/11 17/05/11
Keith L/Dessie H 1 1
Ken L/David L 2 3
Bill J/James J 3 2
George G Laser 4 5
Anthony G/Todd DNF 4

Nice to see James J out as crew with Bill J

Wind was straight out of Harts,force4-5, a small gate start, up to
harts, round Mckennas and over to the powers station round 3x for race 1 and 2x race2.
Todds rudder played up again, but got it fixed in time for race 2.

Wind was extremely lumpy and so I dont know how we all stayed upright. Hopefully this week will see last of the gales.

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