Series E race 6

Series E race 6
Keith L/James H 1 3895
Dermot M 2 3914
Kevin L/James L 3 3914
Ken L/David L 4 3922
Gareth G/John McG 5 3965
Ken D/Ciaran H 6 4264
George G RTD

Start at mark near slipway up to mark in Bay, Harts, Powerstation, Conniborrow. Faughan and through the line X2. Wind F3 & dropping, no rain but quite chilly. Flying start by the Kevin L/James L but later hampered by some spinnaker problems. Good duel between Ken L & Keith L, Dermot out in front, Gareth with new crew today.

LFYC Handicap notes: Gareth G/John McG have been awarded a handicap of 1185

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