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Ghana office cam

This image is brought to you from Ghana in the office of Transafrica security specialists. It refreshes everytime the page is loaded. You can see an EyeSpyFX streamed image if you click on it. I just think its an interesting viewpoint.

Assign 2 teams

The teams for assignment 2 are as follows:

1. Ciar O Kane, Paul Kelly, Stephen Caldwell: Business studies building and area up as far as the Rock Road

2. Laura Mullan, John Kelly: Arch and Library and the car park space and roadways in between.

3. M. O Connell, David McGill: Aberfoyle House and triangular building 1 and slopes and roadways in between.

4. David Munn, Kevin Gallagher, Shane Toner, Ryan Cormie: Education building, Gate, Claremont Chapel (near Magee gate) and roadway and surrounding area.

5. M. McLean: Foyle arts, steps and surrounding area.

6. Jason Clyde, James Burke: Creache, car park, rock road and MF building

7. Dermot Dallett, Emmet O Hara: Triangular building 2 and Northbrook building and surrounding land.

8. Peter Duffy, Jeannette Adcock: MG Building and stairs in between

Web and mobile group projects

Dualta Wilson – Mobile show

View an exhibition on your mobile

Patrica O Donnell – Aileach Youth Club

Manage members and accounts online

Micheala Campbell – Feile

Dave McLaughlin – Vote for yourself

Your vote is in your hand

Ciaran McLernon – Sports hall booking system

Book Magee sports hall online

Conal O Hartgaile – Music in Coleraine

Home of music on the North Antrim Coast

Robert Fyffe – Globe

View the globe we live on


Chris Hetherington – Substance Licence database

Jason Harkin – McCauley Properties website

North West Property appointment booking system

David Kemmy

Letterkenny Cinema

Book a ticket for Letterkenny Cinema

Chris Miskelly – Cross Community website

NI Political and Social education

Richard Hall

Piping and Drumming multimedia sharing website

Claire Harkin

Inishowen Oil

Order home heating oil online

DES 106

Assign 1 Put a model tagged DES106 in Google warehouse


Due date 14/03/07

Assign 2 Complete your Magee building and put it Google Warehouse tagged Magee


Due date 14/03/07

Assign 3 “Join 2” Work with a “neighbour” and join up two buildings into one model. Submit the joined model to Magee


Due date  28/03/07

Volunteers are asked for the join them all. 5% bonus marks

Assign 4 Build a fly through movie


Due date 02/05/07

Assign 5 Show your movie on your infm website


Due date 02/05/07