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DES320 Evocation, thinking and drawing project

Evocation, thinking and drawing:


Every laptop has an associated power block. Often the laptop is very nicely designed but the power block is often a disappointment. What shape should a power block be?

Considerations and constraints.

Why is a power block the size that is? What is in a power block? How hot does a power block get? Are there any legal issues regarding power blocks? How is the cable management handled? What should a power block look like? What colour should a power block be? What grade of cable is used? How strong should the unit and the connections be? How long should it last? Should the block survive after the laptop has been dumped? How much does the block cost? How heavy is the block? How quickly does the block recharge the laptop battery? How long is the cable? Are all blocks the same – in terms of performance?

DES320 Design Dialogues 2011 – Introduction and plan

Lecture series: Design Dialogues 2011

Wk 1    Introduction, What is design? What is evocation? – set evocation project

Wk 2    Problem solving drawing

Wk 3    Principles of Design 1

Wk 4    No lecture – working week

Wk 5    How to measure – hand in project 1, set design and build project

Wk 6    Prototyping and models

Wk 7    Drawing is the key – tutorials

Wk 8    Principles of Design 2

Wk 9    Understanding requirements – hand in project 2, set Interaction Design project

Wk 10  Ethnographic design research

Wk 11  Clichés and good tricks

Wk 12  Principles of Design 3

Wk 14 Final hand in

The lectures will run along side three short projects

1. Evocation, thinking and drawing

2. Design, creativity, ambition and building

3. Interaction Design – whats your number?

The marking scheme will be based on performance in the project work with the spread of marks being allocated in the following proportions

10        Attendance

20        Project 1

30        Project 2

40        Project 3

The three projects are designed to promote a deeper understanding of design methods and challanges. The projects will help you develop design skills and will also test your design abilities.