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Seminar: The Internet of Things

This week’s research seminar will be given by Anton: tomorrow (Tuesday 29 March) 16.15-17.00 in MQ226. Hope to see lots of you there, Cormac


The Internet of Things

In this talk, for the purposes of quickly getting into an idea, Anthony Hutton will adopt the persona of a machine made in China in 2012.


Project 3 – Call me!

This brief was originally proposed by former DES320 student Mark Douglas

– call me! – txt me! – fb me! – tweet me!- email me!

People always have so much on their minds and remembering to call someone can become quite a challenge so a product needs to be designed that can be slid into everyone’s everyday life to eliminate forgotten contact arrangements and frustrating forgetfulness to call someone



Description of situation (1/2 page) – wk10

Brief – wk 11 (1/2 page) extending the brief

Postcard from the begining  (Jpeg image 450px wide, not moore than 30k file size) – wk10

A3 sketchbook – wk13

Youtube video presentation – wk13




Are there really only 3 or 4 types of apps?

Not including games are there really only 4 classes of apps?

1. Fixed content apps

A fixed body of content is displayed in the app. The style of presentation is often very compelling. For example:

The knot app

Pocket Universe

2. Task apps

The app connects to a service either on the phone or in the network that enables it to do something. For example:

A spirit level app

A webcam viewer app                        eg: my webcam

3. Social apps

The users supply the content. For example:

A twitter client

A photo sharing app

4. Combinations of 1,2,3

A combination of classes 1,2 and 3 above. For example; a GPS app that enables you and friends to meet at a Pizza place nearby.


Digital entrepreneurs with big ideas are invited to compete for a total of £10,000 in cash to help get their business ideas off the ground. The competition, run by Digital Derry and funded by ILEX, kicks off on Saturday, April 2nd and is open to anyone with a exciting idea for a new digital content business to be based in the County Derry area.