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Mobile Monday Belfast

I will be a panel guest with Mobile Monday on Mar 1st talking about MWC10

“For all those who missed out on this year’s world’s biggest mobile event of the industry, we’ve asked a selection of NI professionals* who attended, to tell us what impressed them at the show, and what didn’t. Your chance to learn about opportunities in 2010 in this exciting industry!  Ask your questions to speakers from EyeSpyFX, Wee Man Studios, Yellow Design, Aepona, Invest NI, Anaeko and SLA Mobile in a panel discussion next Monday @ 5:15pm-8pm @ Black Box, 18-22 Hill Street (Cathedral Quarter).”

Its free but places are limited, just 28 places left!


Design Method for the Memory Project

The memory project is a project where the answer is not visible at the beginning of the project. There isn’t even a brief! If you had been asked to design a stamp celebrating maritime history the answer to the problem would be visible at the beginning of the project. You would know the framework on which the answer will be positioned. Not so with the memory project, not so with many design projects. In projects where the answer is not visible the role of design method and process is heightened. In projects where the answer is not visible the chances of white page syndrome are increased – simply looking at a white page stumped.

You need a method to solve the problem.

In the memory project we are using a method called ethnographic design research. In ethnographic design research is normally carried out by studying a group of people as they undertake a give task. However in this project, for ease of access and speed each student will use their own experiences as the ‘subject’.


The memory project – an ethnographic design research experiment

Memory is an essential function. We use it to function normally in the most mundane interactions.

A question in conversation is remembered and an answer is given reply. The questioner remembers the question they asked and places then interprets in that context.

When you sit down your body remembers how to sit. It is a visceral memory?

A pen may be just a pen or it may be a pen that has been given as a gift and retained because it has an attached memory.

Sometimes you forget to bring your mobile phone with you when you are going out. Mis-remembered?

A more formalised memory is contained in a mounted photo frame on the mantelpiece.

The project Memory should be undertaken using a simplified ethnographic design research method.

The overall objective of the project is to propose new memory related products and services.

Mr is launched

Studying in BDes, BSc, MDes or MSc?
If the answer is yes then you may be interested to note that Padraic Lynch, our new appointment as a lecturer in Visual Communication at Magee College has a created a new website: is designed with relevant course and module information in mind. Check in regularly for meeting times, project briefs, links, articles, helpful clips, timetable amendments, deadlines and other useful? information.