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DES320 Design Dialogues 2010

Design Dialogues 2010

Class will run on Tuesday 1.15 – 3.05 in MQ 213

Wk 1    What is Design? What are Design Methods?

Wk 2    The memory project. – A ethnographic design experiment

Wk 3    The Design Process

Wk 4    The memory project.  – Drawing

Wk 5    Tutorials, What is good design? – Dieter Rams says…

Wk 6    The memory project.  – Mid term crit

Wk 7    Layers of Design: Visual, Interface, Interaction, Motivation

Wk 8    Is drawing a central element to design?

Wk 9    The principles of Design

Wk 10 Tutorials

Wk 11  Understanding requirements

Wk 12  What role has creativity in design?

DES809 Entrepreneurship 2010

Class will be held on Thursday’s 9.15 – 13.05 in MQ215

wk 1 (25/01/10) Entrepreneurship – a meanings analysis (what is an elevator pitch)

wk 2 (01/02/10) Customers, users, value (assignment setting business plans)

wk 3 (08/02/10) Intercept the strategic vector (elevator pitch practices)

wk 4 (15/02/10) Business plan writing

wk 5 (22/02/10) People and money (how quick can you get a sale)

wk 6 (01/02/10) Presentation of business plans and elevator pitches.


Sales projections

Business plan

Elevator pitches

New EyeSpyFX app and promo video

VHS Viewer for Axis is an App for the iPhone that connects you to the AXIS® VHS (Video Hosting Service).
This means you can access footage recorded by your AXIS® Network Camera remotely from your iPhone.
Functions include browsing the archive recordings, play rewind & fast-foward, snapshot and much more.
The product is directly targeted at the security market.
Full details here:
Read more about Axis here:

multiple point perspective (5 in this case)

Here is a simple way to work out a 5 point perspective. Its a cheat really…there are an infinite numbers of points of perspective..but its handy for drawing heating or cooling grills and other repeated sloping items in a mostly vertical horizontal scene, Here I have drawn the open flabs on a box.

The forth a fifth points of peerspective are deduced by raising a vertical from VP 1 and 2

The third point wont fit on the page…


Also see:

Torus in perspective

A circle in perspective

Vanishing point and horizion line

One, two and three point perspective

Warm up exersizes


How to explain things

In this blog I have put up various examples showing how to explain things…I love this one. It features some great explaination phyisical rigs in the style of old science lab demo rigs. The best bit is the way the movie finishes with a brilliant real life example with a twist.