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The Internet of Things, EyeSpyFX, Google Android

android-logobot.pngfor a long time …ever since sci fi there was an idea where small objects can connect into other small objects and ultimatly into some sort of super mainframe. The example most commonly given is the bus stop that knows where the bus is…before it gets to the bus stop and displays this information on peoples info devices if they are waiting for a bus…you get the idea.

This idea could be the internet..if you extend the idea of the internet to include small devices and give them Ip addresses…which we do, of course, for phones. Then extend the idea even further and give every object an Ip address and connect it to the web then you could get to a big idea called the internet of things. Here is the link to the wiki.

Google Android is an OS for phones that is free. Many people are wondering if Android could be used as the OS that might join the Internet of things together.

Kevin Kelly talks about the internet of things in this video talk. KK is one of the founders of Wired magazine. Great stuff:


In EyeSpyFX we have been working on another aspect of the Internet of things…interoperability. We hook up webcams, network cams, web viewing and control, phone viewing and control. Interoperability requires background architecture and much handshaking and translating between networks and devices. A free OS could help things along here. I am tempted to suggest that a universal and free OS would make the job of interoperability easier for service providers. As I think this, I also think of a fascist utopia and the problems of there just being “one”. The “one” never seems to quete make it. Microsoft gave it a good try, but then Google intervened. What next?

Nokia Download


Nokia owners will be familar with the “Download” button in the main menu area. PhoneStreamFX is now available using this innovative content download facility.The exact content available depends on the country and the operator your phone is registered with. In most EU countries go to: Main Menu/Download/Applications/Jamster/Multimedia/PhoneStreamFX