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New mobile web browser

Skyfire is a new web browser, available as a beta, that allows you to view the PC web on a mobile phone. It uses a zoom in control not unlike the Apple Iphone…except its not finger touch driven.

Web browsing via phone has increased since the Iphone came out. This has been attributted to the better web experience on the Iphone. Skyfire looks like the next part of the story.

Skyfire is the first mobile browser to support rich media content and full Javascript on a mobile device. Skyfire allows you to browse sites like YouTube, Facebook, Google Maps and on your mobile phone.”

Check out Skyfire here:

Anssi Vanjoki – EVP of multimedia, Nokia says this:

These questions were originally put to Mr Vanjoki by

Everyone has been waiting for Nokia to ‘have another go’ at content. This year, with Music Store and N-Gage, you have done that. What’s changed? Why now?

It’s the net: it’s penetrating everything. There is no mobile internet; there’s just the internet. I think that over time the mobile industry will accept there are many possible business models – and that they are complementary just as they are in the wired internet. The individual operators will have to make their own decisions. But on a more general level, that’s the way the market is going.

This is a gamble. Is it fair to say Nokia is changing the fundamentals of its business? Will Nokia still be a phone manufacturer in five, ten years’ time?

There’s lots of mileage in the phone market, so we won’t be departing it. We will come to be seen as a computer company though – and that will extend us into services. Nokia was formed in 1965 and has always regenerated.
It’s in our DNA to seize the moment.