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Multimedia student websites

Sweeney, John
Stevenson, Declan
Starrs, Conor
Sheridan, Adam
Roddy, Fiona
Quigley, Jane
O’Hara, Joe
O’Brien, Gerard
Murphy, Dermot
Mullin, Edel
Moore, Thomas
Moore, Jamie
McQuillan, Danielle
McGivern, Caroline
McGinley, Christine
McGann Paul
McElhone, Grainne
McCusker, Kerri
McCorkell, Mark
McColgan, Rebecca
McAteer, Owen
McAfee, Stephen
McAfee, Dominic
MacHugh, Conall
Lynch John
Lunney, Alanagh
Ling, Raymond
Law, Hugh
Knowles, Niall
Kelly, Ryan
Kelly, Gerald
Jordan, Eoghan
Irwin, Richard
Hynds, Trevor
Hutchenson D
Holmes, Terri
Harkness, John
Harkin, Rachael
Harkin, Ann
Flanagan, Aaron
Duffy, Gavin
Donaghy, Paul
Doherty Rory
Deery, James
Dallat, Pat
Coul, Dane
Connolly, Kevin
Connolly, Jennifer
Chu, Shiu-Yee
Cassidy, John
Casey, Deirdre
Campbell, Sarah
Brown, Sean
Brown, Cathal
Boyle Amanda
Bonner Emma
Boner, Paul


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Note: This list is not ordered by job ranking. 

1. Environmental Simulations Developer

With the worldwide interest in Global Warming – what with ex-Vice President Al Gore’s movie and book, An Inconvenient Truth, and resulting awards – there’ll be more opportunities for careers in this field. One role that’ll play a significant part and involves computer programming skills is Environmental Simulations Developer.


2. Video Game Developer.

With the continued expansion of the video game market into new demographics, especially with the introduction of the Wii, the video game industry continues to need solid game developers. In fact, there is evidence that video games will be entering new domains, such as the health and education industries, on much larger scales.


3. Bioinformatics Simulations Modeling.
Bioinformatics is an enormously important field that includes the study of genomes, gene sequencing, protein structures, etc., all of which help advance medical discoveries. In addition to scientific skills, bioinformatics requires skills in applied mathematics and modeling, computer science, and more.

4. 3D Animation Technician.

The success of 3D animated movies such as The Incredibles and Beowulf require both creative and technical skills to use the necessary advanced animation systems that are sometimes hybridized with live action footage. Throw in the availability of free or inexpensive 3D applications such as POV-Ray, Bryce, Poser, Terragen and many more – not to mention high-end sytems – and there’s lots of technical skills to learn.

5. Internet Entrepreneur.
The Internet offers career opportunities never before available to college graduates. The chance to start and run your own online business is very real. Everything from developing software and web apps to consulting and web publishing are available those with passion.

6. Medical Modeling Systems Developer and Technician.
Health is of course an immensely important market, what with the Baby Boomer generation being both an collective economic powerhouse and growing older, thus interested in health. Advances in medical technology means that future nurses will need increasingly more technical skills

7. Digital Film Production Assistant and Technician
Thanks to Internet TV software such as Joost and Babelgum, many dozens of video sharing sites, and of course the traditional film and TV industry – including Pay Per View and Cable – demand for video content will simply grow. While actual reel film might have its advantages and still be in use, post production-wise the trend is digital – both for movies and TV

8. Website Network Manager / Administrator.

With the growing number of website and blog networks, the need for people with technical skills to maintain the networks will grow as well.

The ideal person will understand how to install CMS platforms such as WordPress and Drupal, maintain domain registrations, manage the content databases and backups, monitor hosting, and move servers if necessary. They might also need to know how to tweak website themes, create plugins, etc. Management skills might also be a requirement.

9. Training Software Developer.
Training and self-help solutions are one of the biggest industries in the modern economy. There are abundant career opportunities for developing more advanced and effective teaching software.

10. Visual and Audio Content Producers.
The greatest growth in online content over the next decade will be in Video and Audio. From viral video production to visual tutorial content producers, the major differentiating factor for online businesses is going to be their ability to create compelling visual and audio content. Familiarity with high-level codes like Action Script and the ability to use video screen capture software such as Camtasia Studio and web-based embeddable video distribution services such as Splashcast, will be very marketable. In addition, the ability to storyboard tutorials and write text content increases your career opportunities, so don’t neglect those English & Literature classes!

Mobile emulator (dotmobi)

A simple mobile emulator for WAP projects can be found here:

Researchers at IDC say that 1.3 billion people will connect to the Internet via mobile phones by 2008. To see your site the same way that millions of mobile phone users do, use the .mobi mobile Emulator, which “emulates” a real mobile phone Internet browser.

Scientfic web design guidelines

Christina Laun from Virtual Hosting dot com has written an article looking at web design guideline based on eye momvement research studies. She has listed 23 guidelines (see Christina’s full post here)

  1. Text attracts attention before graphics.
  2. Initial eye movement focuses on the upper left corner of the page.
  3. Users initially look at the top left and upper portion of the page before moving down and to the right.
  4. Readers ignore banners.
  5. Fancy formatting and fonts are ignored.
  6. Show numbers as numerals.
  7. Type size influences viewing behavior.
  8. Users only look at a sub headline if it interests them.
  9. People generally scan lower portions of the page.
  10. Shorter paragraphs perform better than long ones.
  11. One-column formats perform better in eye-fixation than multi-column formats.
  12. Ads in the top and left portions of a page will receive the most eye fixation.
  13. Ads placed next to the best content are seen more often.
  14. Text ads were viewed mostly intently of all types tested.
  15. Bigger images get more attention.
  16. Clean, clear faces in images attract more eye fixation.
  17. Headings draw the eye.
  18. Users spend a lot of time looking at buttons and menus.
  19. Lists hold reader attention longer.
  20. Large blocks of text are avoided.
  21. Formatting can draw attention.
  22. White space is good.
  23. Navigation tools work better when placed at the top of the page.

Reporting assignment


Write a report discussing your website.

  1. URL of website (or mobile site)
  2. What is the purpose of the website?
  3. Who are the target audience? How many people (unique visitors) do you expect on your website?
  4. Is the purpose of the site clear to the audience?
  5. What is the source of content?
  6. What is the best thing about the site, why do you think it is good?
  7. What has been achieved to date (wk 12)?
  8. What plans for the site in the next 6 months?

Word limit (1200)

Due date Wk12

Marks 50