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Purpose and layout

The focus of the next part of this module will switch from technology (assigns 1 and 2) to design and consideration.


Take a look at your web site. What is its purpose? How is the navigation laid out?


Assign 3


Graphic Design problem….

Create a series of sketches which represent the following words

Increase, Playful, Tension, Congested, Order, Bold

Use four squares in each design. You can contort the squares, so long as we can recognise them as squares. Also try changing the orientation, reversing, scaling, skewing, etc of the squares. Use only black and white. The challange is to make the composition using just four squares convey the sense of meaning  of the word.

Draw the results in the format of the squares given below. Choose the best one of your designs from 8 to present as your final design. (show all eigth in your sketches)

(8 marks)


What layout is your web site. Draw a schematic (like the ones above) and also present a screen shot of your web site to make easy comparison.

Describe in one sentance the purpose of your web site.

(2 marks)

Auburn Vs Tulane and F16 Fly by

We (Ireland Design Interaction guests) were invited to attend the football match between AU and Tulane.

First we tailgated (a picnic from the back of jeep) with Prof Randall Bartlett (Mr Randy in Southern dialect) outside the dept of Industrial Design then we went to the match.

Auburn won the match 37 to 13.

To start the match of 3 F16’s did a fly by (I didnt manage to get a snap)


Prof Randall Bartlett outside Jordan O Hare stadium


View of stadium just before F16 fly by.


Go Auburn Tigers!

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Auburn University presented Anthony Hutton, Robert Wainwright, Gearoid O Conchubhair, David Roberts and William Lee with a wall plaque of apprecaition for work undertaken in support of the Travelling studio project.


Anthony Hutton, Becky O Neill-Dagg (Associate Dean , AU), James Elliss (Head of Internation Programmes, AU)

The conference made the front page of the Opelika-Auburn News

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Design Interaction 2006

Design Interaction is an annual conference held by the Department of Industrial Design in conjunction with IDSA Southern Chapter (Industrial Design Society of America). Each year the conference has a different theme. This year the theme was Industrial Design in Ireland marking the 10th year of the Auburn Ireland travelling Studio project headed up by Professor Randall Bartlett. About 200 students, staff and alumni and sponsors attended the conference.

The conference theatre filling up at 8.00am (they start early!). There was a bbq at lunch time. This is a snap of the queue.

There were presentations from: Gearoid O Conchubhair (NCAD), David Roberts (Sligo Institute of Technology) William Lee (Design Factor, Belfast), Anthony Hutton (UU, Magee College) and Robert Wainwright (Burren College of Art),

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More pictures from the event

and more (these ones by Gearoid O Conchubhair)

Derry City football ground

When the Auburn group were in last in Derry we brought them to see the football match. The students were the special guests of the Derry City Football Club. A display of pictures from the 10 years of the Ireland travelling studio project featured a photo taken during the match. The fellow in the orange jacket is Industrial Design technician Billy Scampton (also the head steward in Derry City)


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The Rural Studio

We visitied an exhibition about the work of Samabo Mockbee. Mockbee was a famous architect professor who worked with scrap materials to build accomodation for the very poor in rural alabama. His class called the rural studio has developed into a leading attraction for the architecture programme at Auburn and is an inspiration for all interested in sustainability and affordability in architecure.

The rural studio

At a reception hosted by Dean Bennett we were all presented with books about the rural studio.


Robert Wainwright (Burren College of Art), Gearoid O Conchubhair (NCAD), Dean Daniel Benett (AU), David Roberts (Sligo Institute of Technology) William Lee (Design Factor, Belfast), Anthony Hutton (UU, Magee College)

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Hurricane warning

In Auburn University Industrial Design Department in the event of a storm students and staff take shelter in the workshop. The workshop is built of very solid stuff. They said in event of storm just follow signs…ekk. Luckily there was no storm.


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