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FB Design Briefs

These short design briefs all based around Facebook are the outcome of user studies carried out in DES310 in 2011

1. Drag n Drop/ Drag n Drop photos

2. Facebook sports and betting application: Let’s make some money

3. Face Aid

4. Hobby App

5. Facebook Music/I know what you listened to!

6. Change Me App

7. News feed Filter for Facebook

8. Facebook for Beginners/Face Aid/Facebook tutorial

9. Inplace

10. Facebook Charity

11. Monetisation

12. Nosey button

13. Speed!

14. Bars!

15. Taxi!

Drag n Drop

The drag´n drop box is for people who want to store and collect their web stuff. It mainly stores links, videos, photos, music, likes, pages and all types of file storage etc.

It is an easy way to store interests from the internet that you don´t know how and where you saved on your pc. If you´re connected to the internet, it´s always available and when your interests change or you find new stuff it changes accordingly.

There is a special feature for Photos targeting how people upload images and organizing them into folders. This will allow the operator to upload single images and folders directly by dragging files onto Facebook’s album page, eliminating the current uploading process. With Drag & Drop you can just highlight files and folders and drag them straight into Facebook keeping them organizing in folders as they where on your desktop.

Drag & Drop works on the latest smartphones. By pressing the “F” icon, you will be displayed a selection of options such as automatic organizing which places images into folders based on what dates you predefine, for example all images through summer are placed in a folder called Summer. 

Facebook sports and betting application: Let’s make some money

This app will entice new users to join Facebook with the hope of earning some winnings. It will be available to FBers over the age of 18, who enjoy gambling. The design of the app will fall into two parts, the first being the sports section with details of games and leagues and the second being the betting section. The app will have a desktop version and mobile site so its fits in with peoples lifestyles.

Hobby App

This App is to provide the user with beneficial information related to their hobbies and interests. It requires the user to insert the details of their interests e.g. Motorsport, Music, Football or even Sailing. Once the Hobby App knows what you like it can search for the information that will be useful to you. It will provide event dates and locations, news updates during the event and even photos and videos when the event is over. Keep on top of your football team’s results, know when your favourite band will be playing and where and remember special events through photos and videos. The user can share the information they receive on their facebook wall and even invite friends to events through it. For events such as concerts or football matches this App will be able to direct you to a location online to buy your tickets.

Facebook music/ I Know what you have been listening to:

With FBM you are able to buy music for PC or Mobile. As it‘s already easy to follow bands and their updates on facebook, you will never miss new music and are instantly able to listen to and buy the new songs and share on facebook what you are listening to.

This app shows what you have been listening too the most. It creates charts. It will promote musical debate among friends. It is in the form of a playlist so its easy to use. It enables the user to upload multiple songs. It enables Bands to see what songs have been listened too.

Change Me App

This Application helps people who want to save time when shopping. It helps promote customer satisfaction and helps the stores be more aware of customer needs. The app is as easy to use as the “Face in the hole” application. Where you can adjust a photo to the size of the screen on your phone? Catalogues are already uploading to Facebook allowing you to access all that is out there and receiving opinions before you purchase. Get rid of changing rooms. Knowing what you buy and effectively choosing your cloths quicker. This will effectively change high street shopping and introduce it to a new generation.

News feed Filter for Facebook

This app allows user to enter words or phrases into the search bar and related statuses appear for them to read. It cuts out the tedious activity of reading through all your friends’ status’ and provides the user with only the comments they are interested in reading. A convenient use of the filter would be if you want to know the result in the Liverpool and Man United match you could type in “Liverpool Man United” and assuming someone in your friends list has commented on the match the related statuses will appear in the newsfeed.

Facebook for Beginners/ Facebook tutorial/ Face Aid

FB Expert will be an application designed to take you from absolute novice to complete Facebook know it all. If you are just starting to use the site, Facebook for Beginners will talk you through the sign up process; the application will be found on the homepage.

Face Aid is for Facebook-newcomers and users who have problems with how FB works, but especially for older generations. Actually Face Aid would be useful for every user, because everyone has had to search the Internet for how to handle something related to how to work FB.

It helps to find things and shows the possibilities that Facebook offers. It should tell for example in an easy way how to delete or create something.

This app simplifies the way of finding and using Facebook in the most understandable way.


This Application is for a phone. The App works with a business to give its employees a chance to gain information about their workplace through Facebook. The app will work with many businesses where its staff can become members and watch changes being made within the company. The app will work with rotas in your business, so staff can access the necessary information about their working times. Other updates will also be accessed in the app, for example, information for charity work, business announcements, if employees need help with changes to shift, general communication with managers/employee and management within the business. This app is an advantage for any business because it helps with better communication within the workplace. Employees can view rotas and keep in touch with managers if a problem occurs. Encouragement can also be given to employees on the app which gives the employees more motivation to do their job well for recognition. This application will be used by any type of business, from retail to private businesses. The app will be set up by the store owner or business head manager were employees will be added to a private list of “members of staff”. The app is private to the business and only members of their workplace can see the information that is being shared.


Charity is where you are able to donate money to help out the charity. Any charity can set up a profile on Facebook and at the moment this is to make more awareness of their charity but with the Help Out button people will be able to donate to the that charity then and there! This will save people having to go to their website or down to the shops to donate. It should appeals to the laziness in people! This button is for anyone that is interested in donating to the charity but if this was to work it could expand to a wider audience letting Facebook trade products online. This feature should be available on Facebook’s web page and phone apps. It should be there to make people want to donate. It should be as easy as just hitting the button and entering the amount you want to donate. Simple and easy so people are enticed to use it.

Location Monetisation

So far the standard method for monetising FB is by providing advertising. Facebook has access to huge amounts of user’s data: information regarding user’s “likes”, movements, friends, age and interests. This information could be combined with location data to create less invasive more appropriate advertising. This could be done by  incorporating the user’s location or “check-ins” into their “events” feature. For example, when a user arrives in a new country or city and they are trying to decide what and where to go see it can be difficult to filter the options by what they will likely enjoy more. As Facebook has access to so much information about their user’s interests plus their location they are in the perfect position to provide the filtering service to their users. The service would also encourage sustained and repeated use as by its very nature the more it is used the more accurate the suggestions.

Nosey button

The “Nosey Button” will be fun & quirky, and also very easy to use. Simply one click, type in your friends name and all their latest information will drop down below the type box. The five main features that will appear will be status/tagged or upload photo’s/adding friends/ likes and also events. This feature allows you to take a more quirky approach in viewing your friend’s profiles. You cannot deny that everybody loves a good owl nosey on peoples pages! Usually when you snoop on a friend’s profile, you have to scroll through their whole page to see their latest goings on, or when you first sign into Facebook it takes you directly to the home page wall where all your friend’ lists info is. The Nosey Button is a great way to access that information quicker, it’s got a more fun approach to it, and it’s less time consuming.


FB should be fast. This will be better for people using both desktops and iphones. Most people upload photos and video therefore if it was easier and faster more people would upload more as it would not take up as much time.

I have 600 friends on facebook therefore my facebook newsfeed is very busy. I need speed!

I spend a lot of my time taking photos on nights out or when I’m with family, so I upload photos a lot. I also like to play games. I would spend two hours, three to four times a week on it. Speed is essential.


This feature is specifically for a Bar. The sole focus of the app will be to maximize interaction with potential customers. This is done by keeping the bar page fresh, modern and evolve with the current needs of the public with an application that delivers all of the following:

• Event calender – tap would showcase all up coming events taking place in the venue keeping public up to date with whats going on.

• Food and Drinks Menu – tap would tell the public whats on offer in the bar with current pricing keeping up to date with the current season menu. Also offering the chance to book a table for a meal.

• Bar Promotions – tap would show the current adverts and offers.

• Photo – tap showing latest photos of your night out/birthday in the bar noneed to bring your camera as the Bar does it for you.


This App is aimed towards people on a night out who fail to get a taxi home safe. The app allows people to organise times and places to meet up when it suits them best could perhaps be very effective when they can operate FB from their phone without any charge. I feel that this would be successful because when it comes to getting a taxi home from a night out I always seem to have no credit or service in my phone for me to organise a lift.

Where does FB and Ordinary Life Intersect?

In DES310 2011 we explored the question: Where does FB and Ordinary Life Intersect?


The exploration was carried out using a defined process. In summary these were the essential steps:

Model building, Ideas generation, Ideas analysis, Design brief writing

Model building:

Build models of 18 “self” users and 18 “guest” users.

models comprised of:

1. Write use case essay

2. Character ppt

3. verbal presentation


Ideas generation:

Ideas generation based on models. Ideas organised according to interaction VIIM “level”






Ideas Analysis

Ideas analysis based on Criteria points count


Design Brief writing

Refinement of Design brief.

This process resulted in this list of Design Briefs:

Marko Ahtisaari – we can build a better phone

A long(ish) video but worth a view great points about Interaction Design. Yes, its about the Nokia 800 but he makes some good general points. There are some dominant design ideas in smart phones? They have captured our imagination, but they are not the end of the story, they are the begining.

Marko Ahtisaari’s speech about ‘Patterns of Human Interaction’ at Copenhagen Design Week from Nokia Danmark on Vimeo.