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Design Dialogues hand in details

Tuesday 1.15 04/05/2010

A USB pen with a folder showing:

  •  Data collection PPT (timeline, places, artifacts)
  • Analysis PPT
  • Brief.doc
  • Brief image.jpg
  • Specification.doc
  • Storyboard.ppt
  • Script.doc

An A3 sketch book showing design development sketches

Friday 5.00pm

Send me an email with the URL of your youtube movie

You can get the URL as a part of the features of Youtube if you press the share button. It should look like this:

For example:

NB: The only thing I want in the email is the link to the youtube movie.

The memory project – 6 more interaction design briefs

Gavin Feeney


In the building trade, there are two main problems:

-Where is?

-Remember to do/get?

When asked one day by a worker ‘where is ‘x’?’ or being told ‘remember to get ‘y’?’ I decided on the concept I could develop to answer this brief. I am going to develop a product that logs these thoughts of the tradesman through voice recognition by picking up on the keywords such as where and remember. It will save the thoughts and when the worker goes to the DIY to get the products he can access the database of reminders of the day so far so no product is forgotten. 


Paul Connolly

Insurance company music equipment system

Working in a band involves more than plugging in and playing music. It involves organising how to get to and from shows, selecting what equipment is needed for that show specifically, appointing  someone to take care of the sound and visual aspect of the performance and one-hundred and one other things besides. At the end of the night, or indeed after a show at any hour of the day, bands have very little turnaround time to move their equipment to make way for the following band or to leave the venue.

Leaving equipment behind by accident is one of the main problems faced by a musician or group. This is often a heartbreaking, bank breaking, soul destroying affair where in 90% of cases a nefarious individual has already made off with your piece of equipment be it something as small as a set of drum sticks or as sentimental your prize 1963 Fender Stratocaster.

There should be a device put in place to remind a group to take all their equipment with them. This would contain a list of all the bands equipment as held by their insurance company and as such would greatly reduce the number of instrument thefts and bogus insurance claims from others. The product will form a contract between the musician and the insurance company.


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John McGregor retirement

John McGregor of the Faculty of Informatics retired earlier this year. He and I had many academic adventures including setting up the MSc Computing and Design, Magee, BSc Interactive Multimedia Design, Jordanstown and Magee.

He was an excellent partner with regard to cross faculty work.


Billy Scampton, Justin Magee, John McGregor, Anthony Hutton