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The next iPhone – our wish list

Predicting the future is not easy, but here is some kind of wishful thinking future gazing:


If Apple made an iPhone like this one in the sketch it would be cool but Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson may not like it.

The app store has made thousands of apps developed by thousands of independent developers available easily. Delivering an app store was comparatively easy for Apple, they simply bolted it onto itunes. Other phone manufacturers have not got anything like itunes..yet. Ok so they all say they are going to bring out app stores but will the total experience be anything as smooth as the apple store? Nokia comes with Music is certainly significant. Blackberry app stores and Google android stores may well be good but they may not stock the movies and music that itunes has. It is not necessarily the phone that is the advantage that Apple has it’s the whole system.

From apples point of view I bet they are sitting in California thinking they could take the mainstream Phone market as well as dominating PDA/smart phones.


For example if Apple came out with a slide phone with the pinch UI for web and images, a cam and a keyboard for one handed texting and the iphone OS and itunes it would be incredibly hard to compete with.

Paper Models – and the next stage of accuracy

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 Wk 7 10/03/09 Paper Models – and the next stage of accuracy


  1. You know (approximately) what your overall target design is.
  2. You have a user context in mind
  3. You understand each of the main sub functions (hopper, orientator, sorter, collector). You have drawings, dimensions and card models of each of these components.


Modelling: Build accuracy:

·         Use good quality card

·         A scalpel and a steel straight edge

·         A cutting mat

·         High performance glue

·         Plastic inserts to reduce friction

·         Use dimensions taken from a single significant reference point

·         Use CAD print outs as a cutting guide (spray mounted onto card)


The design should be no bigger than it needs to be.



Create finished visuals showing the final design proposals (2). Use CAD, Photoshop, Markers, etc. Ensure that the visual presented is the same as the design shown in the Drafting.



Use 2D CAD or hand drafting show plan, front and side elevations, section XX, YY (scale 1:1). Put in all significant dimensions.


Useage description

Create a client power point, a day in the life of (your) coin sorter). The presentation could feature these items and more or less or different items:

  • Who uses it
  • How many times per day
  • Why
  • How much can it store
  • How long does it take to work
  • What sound does it make
  • Where is it stored
  • How much was it to buy
  • Where can it be purchased