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Major project txt service txt “easy project” to 60999

This module has a special txt service to help with all developments and management issues


easy project to 60999 also include your name

for example

easy project joe mclaughlin

You will be sent txts with news, changes in schedule, show plans and web news.

Txts cost 25p each (expect about 4-10 during the module)

To cancel your subscription txt STOP to 60999

What makes a good major project?

Major Projects on the BSc Computing Multimedia and Design and the BDes Design and Communication will vary in nature and subject. There will be short films, animations, graphic design for print, adverstising campaigns, industrial design projects, web design projects, mobile phone projects, Director presentations for education and a variety of other items.

When all is done in May and the projects are displayed for assessment and for the show the good projects wil stand out because: Continue reading

BSc Multimedia Design (Main) SEM2 timetable


DES107, Imaging, Mark Cullen, MF116, Tue, 9.15 (L) 13.15 (p)

DES109, Intro to Commnucation Design, Marty McCarthy, MG229, Wed 13.15


DES311, Information Design, Conann Fitzpatrick, MB127, Tue 9.15

DES302, Moving Image, Vinny O Callaghan, MQ213, Mon 13.15


DES506/512, Anthony Hutton and Co, MQ213, Thursday 9.15 (Tutorial times to be arranged)

Degree show dates announced!

The degree show opening night will be Friday June 1

All work needs to be up and fully presented and working by Friday 18 May.

May 18 is the effective DEADLINE


All doors will be locked at 5.00pm. Assessment of work will then take place with Internal and External examination teams. No further access will be allowed until assesment is completed.

HEIF 8 Interfaculty academic awards

Justin Magee was lead applicant in 3 successful bids for HEIF 8 funding, securing £15K. The projects included

‘Spinal imaging’- development of a computer algorithm for 3D analysis of the spine (collaboration with Art and Design and Health Science).

‘Re-designing the wheel’- a think pot for new product innovation with industry, led by the schools of Creative Arts and Business.

‘Games design Master class’ – A 12 week games design training course for students and staff using Instinct Technologies games engine. (collaboration with Engineering)

Mark Cullen was co-applicant on 2 of these awards. Robin Hodge was co-applicant on one.

HEIF 8 Innovation Generation Competition

3D design students (2nd year)  on the BDes Design and Communication course sweep 1st and 2nd place for the second year running in the Faculty Innovation Generation Competition. Phil Murphy’s invention entitled Designing Well-Being:  Eazi Grip – Arthritis grip & support’ secured a well deserved 1st place, while Daire Irwin (2nd) impressed the panel with his ‘innovative light switches’. Will these guys go on to compete and perhaps win the £25K awards? Watch this space. Well done to all the students who entered the competition- feedback has been very positive.

Letterkenny IT seminar:

I will be giving a seminar in Letterkenny IT on wed 31 Jan, 1.30, room 1404


This seminar will be an exploration of mobile phone technology and the convergence between the mobile internet and the PC internet. There will be a focus on the architecture of web based mobile phone applications and the technical constraints, challenges and opportunities in that area. There will also be a bit of speculation.