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Mobile app developer needed for Fusion project

Software Engineer Job – Co Donegal




Job Title


InterTradeIreland FUSION Programme

The InterTradeIreland FUSION Programme offers Graduates the opportunity to manage technology transfer projects with some of the most progressive companies on the island of Ireland.  FUSION gives companies access to the wealth of expertise and facilities in our universities and colleges across the island of Ireland, allowing them to make strategic advances in innovation.  FUSION initially develops partnerships between companies with a technology need on one side of the border, and colleges or universities that can provide the required specialist expertise on the other side.  The partners work collectively to plan a specific project that will solve a technology need within the company.  A high calibre Graduate is then employed to spearhead the project for a period of up to 1 year and act as the link between the university and the company.  The successful FUSION Graduate will receive an attractive package and will be given the opportunity to gain a fully-funded Post Graduate Diploma in Management from the Smurfit Business School in UCD.

In this instance JB Interactive Mobile Marketing Ltd and University of Ulster have partnered to carry out the project described below.

JB Interactive Mobile Marketing Ltd provides Bulk Messaging Services and applications for Smartphones such as iPhone, Android and Blackberry.  The company have appointed a member of staff as the Company Supervisor on the project. Further information about JB Interactive Mobile Marketing Ltd is available at

JB Interactive Mobile Marketing Ltd has partnered with the University of Ulster. This project fits into the vision in terms of regional engagement, innovation and excellence. The University of Ulster has a long tradition of strong links with industry and the Schools of Computing and Intelligent Systems and Creative Arts are at the forefront of this industry collaboration. Both schools have a number of collaborative research projects with industries in Ireland.  FUSION is seen as beneficial for enhancing curriculum development and increasing the industrial and commercial relevance of current undergraduate and postgraduate courses through generation of new project material and case studies.  The academic institute has appointed a member of its staff as the Academic Supervisor to provide the required specialist expertise for the project. Further information about the University of Ulster is available at

FUSION Project Description
The core objective of this project is to develop a ‘Mission Critical Lone Worker Mobile Application’. The target users are vulnerable lone workers – such as health and social workers, roads service workers – and their back office support teams and managers. The application will assist the lone worker with GPS route planning, task management and alarm protection services.

Singularity Hothouse

I was delighted to be asked to join in a three day intensive “hothouse” with local computing firm Singularity.

mongoose5.jpgA “hothouse” is a competitive team thinking excersize. There was two teams of ten people.  I was on team Mongoose. Sometimes it felt like being in an episode of the apprentice…except an extremly focused and intense episode. We had all the team ups and downs of a team on that show. On the third and final day after losing the first two days to Team Octopus (who seems to have really come together very well) it looked as if we were heading straight for a train crash.

Then… at about lunchtime (with a 3.00pm deadline) it clicked!

Its fun when you see that sort of thing happen on TV, but its really exciting to be part of it actually happening.

Here we are gathered in the board room just before the results were announced. We knew we had done well and maybe just pulled it from the fire.


Team Mongoose: Mark Power, Ciaran Mullan, Audrey Worthington, Anthony Hutton, Charles Gamble, Walter DeGroof, Karen McGready, Olivia Bush, Brendan McNabb, Peter Whibley.

Auction of Design Dialogues work

Dear yr 2 Design Dialogues class

The degree show opens on friday night at 7.30 in the Foyle Arts.

At some point during the proceedings I hope to Auction the dowels and sticks. (the Beautiful interesting things project)
(no lower reserve prices, everything must go)

It would be great to see as many of you there as possible. You can if you wish bid for your own work.

I am open to ideas as to what to do with the proceeds. Suggestions welcome. The default position is that I will give the money to a rep from the Design dialogues 2011 class.