sketch diagrams

I recently did a little sketching project on twitter. It came about as a result of a bit of personal reflection. I did think that I sketch all the time. I keep notebooks, I must be on notebook 89 or something. I was looking through my notebooks to find some example sketch work and to my shock I discovered only a few sketches. I am not happy with that because I think sketching is a great way to work out answers to problems. I would hate to think of myself as someone whose work is just writing based. (A slow creeping truth)

So I resolved to do a sketch diagram every day for 30 days and tweet them day by day. It has been an interesting experience and remarkably difficult.

I was surprised about how difficult it was because I used to produce 30 sketches in a morning when I was working in Industrial Design. I should be able to do this very easily . I have discovered how easy it is to get out of practice.

The sketches concern the work of the day, some are University research work, some are teaching related figuring out ideas with students and some are related to software development projects I am working on.

Generally I am pleased with the sketches and pleased with the thinking they illustrate. Each sketch is an attempt to work out some sort of a problem. I will take a break for a while but will come back to it soon on