DES809 Entrepreneurship – Lecture and assignment plan

Module Contents


There will be six lectures and six assignments. Lectures will take place at 9.15 on Monday mornings for the first six weeks of semester.

Assignments will be due each week, one per week starting week 2 and two assignments due  in Week 6.


Lecture plan:

Week 1.        Sales

                    Elevator Pitches

Week 2         Customer Lists

Week 3         Market Analysis

 Market Strategy

Week 4         Planning, Cashflow, PERT and GANTT

Week 5         Money and People

Week 6         Start up – characteristics of an entrepreneur


Assignment plan

Due wk 2     Elevator pitch 1

Due wk 3     Customer lists

Due wk 4     Market Analysis

Due wk 5     Intercept the strategic vector

Due wk 6     Planning assignment

                   Elevator pitch 2