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Series F, Race 2, 29/06/2010

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010
Series F race 2
Dermot M 1
Ken L/David L 2
Anton H 3
Kevin L/Caoimhe L 4
George G 5
George D/Jennifer C 6
David T/Joy W 7
Anthony G/Todd 8

A NE breeze F2/3 and a strong flooding tide. Congratualtions to  Caoimhe L who had a great first race day.

Series G, Race 1, 24/06/10

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010
Series G race 1
Ken L/David L 1
Keith L/James H 2
Danny G/Gareth G 3
George G Laser 4
Anton H 5
Dermot M 6

Racing in Culmore bay on an ebbing tide. To mark at Harts shore and teh end of the race was very challenging as the wind dropped and the tide increased

Series F Race 1 22/06/10

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010
Series F race 1
Ken L/David L 1
Keith L/James H 2
Danny G/Gareth G 3
Dermot M 4
Kevin L/James L 5
Ken D/Beth H 6
Anton H 7
George G Laser 8
Anthony G/Todd rtd

DEFINITION. To be taken aback: You are taken aback when the wind suddenly changes direction causing a square rigged ship to stop dead in the water.

There were light variable winds today. Anton H and Dermot M were having a ltttle private race,  when first Dermot then Anton were suddenly somewhat taken aback almost causing capsizes.

Series E Races 3,4 19/06/2010

Saturday, June 19th, 2010
Series E race 3 race 4
Skipper/Crew 05/06/10 05/06/10
Keith L/James H 1 2
Ken L/David L 2 1
Peter F/crew 2 rtd
Bill J/Stephen B 4 3
Ken D/Beth H 5 rtd
Ciaran H/owen 6
Anthony G/Todd 7 rtd
Kevin L/James L rtd
Jennifer C DNS

Very windy F5/6 and gusts. Not a day for a Phantom! Anthony G/Todd S broke their tiller and were forced to retire. Keith L and Ken L both braved spinnakers to great effect. Congratulations to 3 boats who completed race 2. Thanks to James H SNR for additional support vessel.

Series C Race 7 17/06/2010

Saturday, June 19th, 2010
Series C race 7
Keith L/Dessie H 1
Kevin L/James L 2
Ken L/David L 3
James H Jnr 4
Danny G/Gareth G 5
Anthony G/Todd 6
Ciaran H/Owen 7
Bill J/Stephen B DSQ

Not a bad race tonight, wind force 2/3NE. Beat up to Faughan (lower) back to Coneyborrow (upper) round buoy at start line x2. Wind dropped off slightly on second lap, Bill J DSQ.
Two new sailors/boats to this season arrived tonight. James H took out Theresa’s Laser and did very well.  James was given a handicap of 1232 to start of with. Ciaran H is back from college in Cork and sailing his GP again. He was given a handicap of 1185 to start.

Series B race 7 15/06/2010

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010
Series B race 7
Keith L/James H 1
Ken L/David L 2
Anthony G/Todd 3
George G Laser 4
George D/Theresa 5
Anton H 6
Ken D/Stewart D 7
Bill J/Stephen B 8
Danny G/Gareth G rtd

Light winds that dropped with most of the fleet at the lower faughan mark. It was a test of who could sail backwards most slowly. Nice to see Theresa back in a boat! Anton H’s cunning plan to sail down to lower Faughan on the Conniborrow side didnt work 🙁

Foyle days

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Today was Derry City Councils annual celebration of the River Foyle. Thanks to DCC and particularly Jacquline D  for a great day out and a good opportunity to promote the club.

Seven boats participated. We raced into town, held two races in town, then raced home. On the way home the wind dropped and most people took a tow, Keith L was the only one to make it home unassisted.

At one stage Bill J and Andrew H appeared to be walking on water on a hidden sandbank in the middle of the river near rosses bay.

Anton H and Jack H had a good day out in a GP14 on loan from David T.

From the shore the sight of the boats racing looked great. The second race had a close finish with 5 boats all closely bunched up crossing teh line in quick succession.

Results (1,2,3 only): The race into town:

Keith L      1

Kevin L     2

Danny G  3

Race 1, in town:

Peter F      1

Keith L     2

Kevin L     3

Race 2, in town

Keith L    1

Kevin  L  2

Peter F    3

Race home:

Keith L was the only finisher.

Thanks to Joan D for acting as race official, George D as support craft and to Jenny C for meeting and greeting duties.

Our new sign had its first day out, thanks to John O K for getting it made.

Series C race 6 10/06/10

Monday, June 14th, 2010
Series C race 6
Keith L/Dessie H 1
Ken D/Stewart D 2
Danny G/Gareth G 3
Kevin L/James L 4
Conor G 5
Anton H 6
George G Solo 7

After the race the 5 new marks were laid. Many thanks to Danny G for his work with regard to this matter.

Danny and Gareth G passing the starboard navigation light  the upper faughan mark

Series B Race 6 08/06/2010

Thursday, June 10th, 2010
Series B race 6
Keith L/Dessie H 1
Bill J/Stephen B 2
Peter F/James L 3
Ken D/Stewart D 4
Danny G/Gareth G 5
Anthony G/Todd 6
Anton H 7
David T/Joy 8
George G Solo 9

Long beat to Conniborrow, reach to fahan back to a mark near the perch, twice round. F3/4 NW. Good to see Peter F back on the water with a new mast.

Rathmullen open race schedule

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Rathmullen Sailing Club are holding a series of races every thursday night staring at 7pm.

They have invited all LFYC members to attend.

The ferry from Buncrana is operational again, saving the long trip round…or I guess we could sail across from Fahan.