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Punt racing Sat 18th August 2012

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Two races held today with a Culmore zig zag course: start near the peir, up to a mark near the jetty, over to a mark near George G’s house through the line around the point and run down to Fahan X2.

Ken D was in unstopable form with an ace crew comprising Ciaran H and Stuart D.

James P H had charge of James H Snr’s Punt and found crew with Owen McC and Jack H.

Roy L was sailing with James L and Sean McC.

In race one Roy L managed to catch James H from what looked like an impossible position.

James H and crew once bitten made no mistakes in race 2 chasing Ken D and crew very hard.

James H, helm, Jack H and Owen McC going well in Hockley’s Punt, 18 Aug 12

results 16/08/12 Series H

Monday, August 20th, 2012
Series H race 5
Bill J/James J 1 2684
Alan T 2 2693
Peter F/James H 3 2703
Dermot M 4 2715
George G 5 2791
Ken D/Ciaran H 6 2833
Ken L/David L 7 2899
Anton H DNF

Medium light winds tonight. Racing in Culmore bay. Dermot M and Alan T had a great race, Alan T strongly defended his lead until on the reach Dermot stole the lead when Alan T hit a dead spot.

15th August Optimists sailing

Monday, August 20th, 2012

This race series has been cancelled until further notice.

Culmore regatta 2012 Schedule

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Dear All

On behalf of the Culmore Regatta Committee please take note:

The hut may be burned down but in this the 214th? year the Culmore Regatta will go on. Here’s the schedule. Please come along and join in, everyone welcome:

Thursday 23rd August 7.00 pm Junior Helm (Juniors should be under 18 in any sailing boat single handed, or double crew or triple crew) Course laid on the night by the OD. RYA PY applies.

Friday 7.00pm Lough Foyle Punts. Unique and amazing. See these traditional boats put through their paces by some of Lough Foyle’s most expert sailors. LFYC Honourary members will be on hand to keep order!


11.00 Dinghy racing: Two races. RYA PY applies.

2.00pm Lough Foyle Punts: Two races.

5.00pm Rowing races in Lough Foyle Punts.

6.00pm Presentations.

See you in Culmore this weekend.

Resulst 14/08/12. Monsoon hits Culmore

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012
Series G race 6
Bill J/James J 1 3921
Dermot M/Cecil T 2 3951
Ken L/David L 3 3984
Anton H 4 4074
Ciaran H/Stuart D 5 4143
Peter F/James H 6 4145
Alan T DNF
George G DNS

Start at at mark near the end of the slipway, beat to black brea, reach to conniborrow, run back to the mark, twice round. Very strange weather. Started the race in a light f2. Lap one passed without much to comment on. As the boats neared the windward mark an indian monsoon appeared and the winds droped to nothing then shifted 200 degrees and blew for about 2/3 minutes at f4/5. Then the rain stopped the wind shifted about a bit more then stopped and sun came out and we all drifted home in less than a f1.
Thanks to George D for OD and Peter F Snr for rescue boat duties.

Derry lads take out Museum Drontheim

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Four young sailors from LFYC took out the McDonald boat belonging to the Moville Martitime Museum to race in the Greencastle Regatta last sunday.

They sailed the big Drontheim very well showing that the sailing skills from the past are being passed along. Old meets new?

Comparing the handling qualities with a GP14 someone said “she turns like a swilly bus”

James Hockley (skipper), Owen McCauley, James Lynch, Jack Hutton

Four Drontheims getting ready to race at the Greencastle Regatta

Results 11/08/12

Monday, August 13th, 2012
Series I race 1 race 2
11/08/12 11/08/12
Ken L/David L 1 1588 1 1469
Alan T 2 1650 2 1607
Anton H 3 1678 3 1673
James J 4 1855 4 1916
Colum F/Daughter DNF 5 1931

Bright and breezy day providing challanging conditions. Sailing in Culmore bay.
Great to see Colum F and his daughter out sailing today.
Also great to see the two Deery lads out in their Topaz

Results 07/08/12

Monday, August 13th, 2012
Series G race 5
Dermot M/Cecil T 1 2177
Ciaran H/Stuart D 2 2284
Alan T 3 2283
Bill J/James J 4 2313
Ken L/David L 5 2343

Ciaran H and Stuart D gave a good account of themselves in Ken D’s scorpion.

Dermot M and Cecil T continue to get great results from the Icon Dinghy

Movile Regatta 2012

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Movile Regatta this year was very lucky with weather with both sunshine and wind.

Results will be shown on this blog post later.

A great turnout of dinghies sailed this year with visitors from Coleraine made very welcome

Great to see Anthony G and his crew in Moville with the National 18

Results 02/08/12

Monday, August 13th, 2012

sailing was cancelled tonight due to becalmed conditions