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Peace bridge race: report

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Many thanks to Peter Fallon for organising this event.

Thanks also to all the people who helped with rescue cover, mark laying. And special thanks to Joan D who was the OD and timekeeper.

16 boats competed for this inagural Peace Bridge race including three visiting boats from Coleraine. It was great to have their participation and support.

Peter Fallon and James F was blighted with organisers luck and retired from the race after getting stuck in a windless patch near the steep banks at Thornhill.

The fleet split into two equal sized groups. The first group had gained a lead of about 2o boat lengths when the whole fleet was becalmed. That small lead was critical as the lead group managed to slip the grip of the dead patch while the following group sat there for another 30 minutes.

Eventually everyone got underway in moderate winds (F3).

We were pleased that David Thomas of Thomas the Jeweller took part in the race. David made the wonderful trophy that the winner would bring home. David sailed in Dermot M’s phantom while Dermot and Cecil T took out the Icon. Near the Navigation Mark near Sainsburys David Thomas was heard cheerfully shouting for water on Dermot M.

The second group began to feel the effect of the turning tide as they struggled to round the mark at the peace bridge in another patch of reduced winds. As the second group drew close to Culmore the wind picked up to such an extent that Anton and Jack H struggled for a while just to keep in the boat.

David Thomas took line honours on the day but the adjusted PY times gave overall victory to Keith L and Dessie H who expertly sailed their GP14 over the tricky course.

See you next year for the 2013 City of Culture edition of the Peace Bridge Race.

Race Results Series J 29/09/12

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013
Series J race 1 race 2
29/09/12 29/09/12
Ken L/David L 1 3145 2 1508
Anton H/Jack H 2 3173 7 1587
Dermot M/Cecil T 3 3181 1 1473
Peter F/James H 4 3199 5 1559
Keith L/Dessie H 5 3212 4 1524
Alan T 6 3270 3 1522
Kevin T 7 3367 8 1671
Danny G/Gareth G DNF 6 1576

Dermot M and Cecil T in the Icon are competing very well at the top of the fleet with Ken and David L. It is clear that Dermot and Cecil have mastered the new boat.