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Clipper-Foyle Punt Notice of Race

Monday, May 28th, 2012

LFYC are pleased to announce that a special PUNT race will be held on 3rd of July to mark the visit of the Clipper race to Derry.

Each Punt should be flagged (mounted at the top of the mast) with a pennant flag from one of the Clipper Boats. (There are 10 Clipper boats)

Each Punt should carry one or two guest crew from a Clipper boat as per flag.

Notice of Race can be found here.

Results Series E 26/05/12

Monday, May 28th, 2012
Series E race 5 race 6
26/05/12 26/05/12
Keith L/James H 1 1618 1 1590
Bill J/Brigid J 2 1691 2 1704

Very windy day. F5/6. Few people ventured out. Congratulations to Alan T who launched his new Phantom today. Many thanks to Joe K who stepped in to help out with rescue cover. Thanks also to James H Snr who took these photos. Having sailed two great races Keith L and James H in very challanging conditions went for a swim so we kindly put up these pictures.

Results, Series C Race 7 24/05/07

Friday, May 25th, 2012
Series C race 7
Ken L/David L 1 3642
Keith L/James H 2 3749
Bill J/Brigid J 3 3797
Dermot M/Guest Crew 4 4007
Danny G/Gareth G 5 4161
Anton H DNF
Anthony G/Todd S DNF

A perfect evening for sailing F2/3 NNE and sunny. Strong tide! Start at the perch, conniborrow, fahan, power station. Ken and David Louden made a great start and beat down to Conniborrow with a 100 tacks sailing between the shallows and the tide with some tacks not being greater than a few boat lengths. Great skill and judgement at work!

Results Series B race 6 22/05/12

Friday, May 25th, 2012
Series B race 6
Keith L/James H 1 3106
Ken L/David L 2 3178
Bill J/Brigid J 3 3197
George G 4 3197
David T/Joy W 5 3290
Dermot M 6 3497
Danny G/Richard G 7 3527
Anthony G/Todd S 8 3529
Anton H/Harry H 9 3718

Perfect weather! Sunny with F2/3 breeze. Great to see David T and Joy W out again. George G swas going very well in his Laser. A large ship interrupted the end of the race forcing a sudden change in the course.

New Category: Traditional Boats

Friday, May 25th, 2012

NEWS FLASH there is a new category on this blog called Traditional Boats. It will be the home on this blog for all matters related to Lough Foyle Punts, Drontheims and other traditional boats items.

There is a link to the Traditional Boat category on the lower right side column.

First Punt Race of the Season

Friday, May 25th, 2012

The first Punt race of the season was held today. Some of the Derry Londonderry clipper crew were on hand to get a taste of the exciting world of Punt racing.
We look forward to the Clipper Punt race on the 3rd of July involving crews from all the Clipper boats taking part as guest crew in flagship Punts (according to the clipper boat of the crew).

Also on the shore today was a TV crew from Margo Harkin Productions making a TV programme about the Clipper.

The weather was fresh enough F4 or there about. The big mainsail of the Punts fairly moving the boats along.

Course Start at the Perch, Fahan, Conniborrow, Power Station

Results of todays punt races 19/5/12

Race 1
1 J Hockley, K Lynch J Hockley
2 D Gallagher G Gallagher O Mc Cauley
3 R Louden J Lynch D Louden

Race 2
1 J Hockley, K Lynch J Hockley
2 R Louden J Lynch D Louden
3 D Gallagher G Gallagher O Mc Cauley

Results Series C Race 6 17/05/12

Friday, May 25th, 2012
Series C race 6
Dermot M 1 1973
Bill J/Brigid J 2 1983
Keith L 3 2049

Dermot M sailing well in the Phantom. Breaking news LFYC will soon become the biggest Phantom fleet in Ireland. Alan T is rumored to be looking to buy a Phantom. Great news!

Results 12/05/12

Friday, May 25th, 2012
Series D race 1 race 2
12/05/12 12/05/12
Bill J/Brigid J 1 1455 2 1450
Ken L/David L 2 1487 1 1418
Anthony G/Todd S 3 1604 3 1598

Just three boats out this saturday mostly due to people being awat at the GP14 Purcell event on at Cushendall.
Very well sailed to Anthony G/Todd S who are pulling very respectable times out of the old Scorpion.

Racing Thur 10 may Series C

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Racing today was cancelled due to bad weather 🙁

Race results Series B race 6 08/05/12

Friday, May 25th, 2012
Series B race 6
Bill J/Brigid J 1 2650
Keith L/James H 2 2668
Danny G/Gareth G 3 2902

It is clear that Bill and Brigid are sailing very well.